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Phantom Quail Kennel


"Currently not accepting orders for complete units!"

The sides are built of 1/2" MDO plywood. This material is used for highway signs, concrete forms, billboards and any application exposed to elements and harsh conditions. The lids are made of 3/4" Medex Waterproof MDF board. This material is used in the building of outdoor kitchen cabinets. Unpainted this material will not warp, bend or distort due to its resin based makeup. The sides are attached using galvanized ring shank coil nails and all framing is secured using pocket hole joinery. 

This ensures a unit that will withstand moving, hauling, livestock, and general abuse.  All edges are routed with a 1/8" round over bit.  The unit receives a coat of Sherwin Williams 15 year exterior latex primer followed by two coats of Sherwin Williams 15 year exterior latex enamel. 


Complete units are outfitted with custom sheet metal products. Two feeders have a trough that prevents scratching and wasting of feed.  With their 100# total capacity, 50 birds will have enough feed for 8 weeks.  The float waterers are covered by a metal and wire cone that prevents birds from fouling their drinking water.  Clean water is a must for health birds. 

Inside area for birds



Call Back area with food and water

Order waterers and feeders

To maintain a fresh supply of water a 5' gutter is provided to divert rainwater from the roof of the unit into the reservoir barrel.  In areas with regular rainfall this feature eliminates refilling the water barrel. 


Shipping is available to a commercial dock or pick up at the local freight terminal.  Shipping is done through Central Transport International. A visit to their website will give you an idea of their distribution.  Most deliveries are accomplished for around $200 or less.  If you will be passing through the Abilene, Texas area your unit can be brought home on a small 5x10 trailer with (2) 14' ratchet straps.



Remember to check your local and state game laws as recall pens may not be legal in all areas; and may require special posting, permits, licenses, and/or leg bands.

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