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If you are a serious bird hunter and are looking for a place to have your dog trained, then look no more…Phantom Kennels is the place! Perhaps you are looking for that perfect pointer pup…then Phantom Kennels is the place! They have it all! Dan Hendrickson is an amazing trainer and his facility is top notch. We asked Dan if we could write a testimonial because we have been so pleased with our experience. He did not solicit it! It is just our nature to share a good experience with others! Our journey with Phantom Kennels started over 7 months ago when we contacted Dan about training our 6 month old Brittany puppy, Tug. We took our pup out to Abilene not really knowing what to expect. We met Dan and he showed us the kennels. He took the time to explain his various training technique to us. He had immediate control over Tug which truly fascinated us! Removed his harness, looped a rope lead around his neck and we were thinking….oh no, nothing good is going to come out of this because our wild child is fixing to act out! Tug walked right beside Dan into the kennels without any problem! Amazing! At that point we knew we had made the right decision about choosing Phantom Kennels! We made monthly trips to see Tug. During those visits Dan set aside time to show us the progress that he had made and he always had time to answer all of our questions! We enjoyed watching Dan working with Tug so much that we couldn't help but include a picture of just that! On a couple of our visits we got to see Tug point quail! What a treat! There has not been one visit that we didn't come away ecstatic with the progress. During one of the last visits, Dan was showing a new customer how he works with the puppies using one of his own in the demonstration. We walked all around the puppy during the session talking & taking its picture but it never once looked at us. It was so focused on what it was being taught. The intensity that that pup possessed was magnificent! There was no doubt that this puppy came from a champion bloodline and was going to make a terrific hunting dog for someone! So if you are looking for a great puppy, he has them! Tug will be ready for field trials when we pick him up thanks to Dan and all of his hard work training him! He has Tug steady to wing & shot and also retrieving! Looking back we feel so blessed to have found Phantom Kennels. We are so impressed with Dan and the vast knowledge he possesses in training these dogs! It is portrayed in his ability to work with so many different breeds! He has passion for training dogs that few possess and he knows how to bring out the best in all of the dogs he trains. We are going to miss that monthly trip to visit with Dan but we know that our paths will cross again because we will definitely be repeat customers of Phantom Kennels!

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Feel free to contact us: E-mail: phantom@fielddog.com
                                       Telephone:(325) 669-1114 – Dan’s cell
                                                          (325) 670-0136 – Phantom Kennels
                                       Mailing address: 3458 E. Lake Rd.
                                                                   Abilene, TX 79601



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