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My name is Dan Hendrickson, co-owner of Phantom Kennels in Abilene , Texas .  I have always had a passion for training bird dogs and I am proud to be a full-time bird dog trainer.  I trained my first dog, Sport, when I was just 14 years old.  Everyone that knew Sport was amazed by all of the things that he was trained to do.  I competed in my first field trial at age 18 and won my first field trial when I was 22 years old.  That was 30 years ago, and I am still amazed by one of the most remarkable animals in the world—the bird dog.

I train all pointing breeds and all retriever breeds of bird dogs here at Phantom Kennels.  I personally develop a training program for every student that we accept.  Every bird dog is different, just like humans.  In that respect, some training methods work better on some dogs than they do on others. 

Your dog will be trained using some of the same methods that I used to train National Amateur Derby Champion Phantom’s Wizard and National Open Pheasant Champion Phantom’s Last Dime. 

Folks, over the past 35 + years, I have developed a bird dog training technique that works for all breeds and all temperaments of bird dogs.  I train the way your dog learns! 

In our obedience program (Level 2), your dog will learn “Heel”, “Up”, “Here”, and “Whoa”.  Retrievers are taught to “Sit” and “Stay”, rather than “Whoa”.  I teach all of these commands to your dog without using the e-collar. The training tools that I use are tools that I have developed over the years and they are rather unique.  Once your dog has these commands down well, he will be introduced to the e-collar, using very light, momentary intensity.  This program is the foundation for all of the other training programs that we offer. 

To train your dog on birds, I begin by working him on released
quail utilizing the Phantom Quail Kennel© that I designed with the help of W.L. Jaggars.  See www.phantomquailkennel.com for more information.  

While your dog is in our training program at our facility, he will be housed in our very clean, concrete run kennels and fed the highest quality commercial dog food available, Purina Pro Plan.   I personally develop a feeding program for every dog here.  

Except for my trip to S. Dakota each year, I train right here in the heart of some of the best wild quail country in the United States .  In August and part of September, I train in the wonderful state of South Dakota where there is an abundance of wild pheasant, sharp-tail grouse, and prairie chickens.  I highly recommend that your dog spend a couple of months in our training programs in Texas before you send him with me to South Dakota .  Your dog will have all of my commands down well, be started well on quail, and be prepared for hunting the upland game in South Dakota .  All of this is done in the off season when your dog doesn’t usually get a lot of “action”.  Dogs that are in my program in the spring and early summer are ensured a spot for my South Dakota program. Click on the links below for more information about our different levels of training.

Level 1 - Puppy Training
Level 2 - Obedience Training
Level 3 - Field Training
Level 4 - Summer Training
Level 5 - Retriever Training
Level 6 - Fall Tune Up Training

Feel free to contact us: E-mail: phantom@fielddog.com
                                       Telephone:(325) 669-1114 – Dan’s cell
                                  Mailing address: 3458 E. Lake Rd.
                                                                   Abilene, TX 79601



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